A Little To The Right, Please.

I was thinking the other day, why do we love watching sunbeams dance on the waves? Or waves crashing on the rocks. Or a lizard sunning itself. Or cliffs rising into a clear blue sky. Or a dog playing in the surf… Why do these things bring a smile? Or a sense of peace? Or […]

How NOT to Settle

[VIDEO] Settling. It just reeks of resignation, doesn’t it? It’s kissing cousins with failing. With not being not good enough. It’s “making do” because you don’t REALLY have a choice…

When Is Bad Good?

[VIDEO] We’re always being told that we should just think positive. But what if I told you “negative” thoughts are actually the key to being more effective at creating what we want?

Parable of the 3 Stonecutters

[VIDEO] Once upon a time, a traveller came across three stonecutters, and he asked them what they were doing. The first stonecutter replied, saying…

Who Do You Think You Are, Anyway?!

[VIDEO] Have you ever been asked the question, “Who do you think you are, anyway?!” Maybe it was a long time ago when a parent or teacher was worried about you getting a swelled head…

It’s Not About The Play-Doh

[VIDEO] Even though we don’t want to get caught in the trap of expecting what we “do” or “have” to make us happy…

“I feel” or “I think”? It Matters.

[VIDEO] Do you ever say “I feel” when you really mean “I think”? Here’s why I think it matters…

The Trap of Self-Improvement

Short post today. I know we’re bombarded all the time with “be more, do more, have more”. And not just from the advertising industry, from the personal development industry too. And that feeds perfectly into our self-judgments and fears of not being enough. So I just wanted to remind you that as a spark of the […]

It Ain’t Out There, It’s In Here

[VIDEO] We all tend to look outside ourselves for the source of our happiness (relationship, career, health, etc.). But when we do, we set ourselves up to feel frustrated, disappointed and stressed. The key to a truly sweet life is to first change our mindset, and the irony is that all of life’s goodness will tend to follow…

Creating vs Fixing

[VIDEO] In my last video, I talked about accepting “what’s so” vs resisting “what’s so”, and I mentioned the seeming paradox of accepting “what’s so” while simultaneously wanting to create something new. And that’s where creating vs fixing comes in…

What’s Love Got To Do With It

[VIDEO] As  you may have noticed, I’ve just gone through a “rebranding” process with my business, from Breakthrough Adventures to Jason Sugar. And as I was putting together the new website, and thinking about the messages I really wanted to highlight…

Miracles & Magic Powers

Hey there! What if I told you that there is a magical power that you have, that we all have; a human birthright, if you will. All the wisdom traditions have spoken of it, and all the great sages have advocated it. It allows you to create miracles, BIG and small. It’s the simplest thing […]

WOOP: Rethinking + Thinking

Great title, huh? Wish I could take credit for it. Credit goes to Dr. Gabriele Oettingen, Professor of Psychology at New York University and the University of Hamburg. I’m reading her book, Rethinking Positive Thinking, and absolutely loving it (also downloaded the app). She spent 20 years researching the science of human motivation, and has […]

It’s Just A Game…

I like the metaphor of life as a game. I’ve had friends object because it trivializes life, or seems to, but does it really? I mean you can “play your heart out”, “play like your life depended on it”, “play like there’s no tomorrow”. Games don’t have to be trivial at all. One of the […]

Paradigms & Points Of View

How exactly do you have a breakthrough? This is a question people often ask me when they’re ready to overcome their fear or anxiety of deep water. As a rule, they’re generally smart, resourceful, and capable individuals who’ve HAD breakthroughs in their lives. They’re just not sure exactly HOW they happened. Did they cause them, […]

Enjoying The Moment

Sometimes even in paradise we need to be reminded to enjoy the moment. Hard to believe, I know, but it’s true. At least for me. (And I suspect I’m not the only one.) My friend Nicole was visiting me for a week and a half here on Isla Mujeres, and I was amazed at how […]

Yes, You Can!

We’re standing in the shallow end of the UBC Aquatic Centre pool in Vancouver with all our scuba gear on. It’s pool session #1 of the PADI Open Water course, and we’re doing some preliminary skills like putting our face in the water and breathing through our regulators. There are 3 students—a 13 year old […]

What Is Your Why?

As you know, I like to say that joy is my “north star”—that it’s “the point”! Well, my friend Gillian Roberts has co-created with Dr. Christian Guenette an inspiring new book—and at the end of the book Gillian and Christian ask us, “What is Your Why?”. And then they take us on an insightful inquiry […]

Nah, Not Me…

It couldn’t POSSIBLY be me. It couldn’t possibly be me that gets the man or woman of my dreams. Or lives in that gorgeous home up on the hill, or at the edge of the sea. …or gets a crowd of 10,000 people on its feet, hootin’ and hollerin’ and crying with tears of joy […]

Kid Philanthropists

Say, what? I just had an illuminating and super-inspiring conversation with my friend Jeff, founder of KIDlanthropy. He called me because he was excited about the possibility of me collaborating with him. My first thought was, huh? Me? Philanthropy? Sure, I tithe some of my income to charity, but that’s about it. But I was […]

Joy Is The Point

I believe joy is what drives us. I believe joy is the elixir of life. I believe joy is a powerful force that, like a tsunami destroying everything in it’s way, destroys the barriers and edifices of fear that we build around and between us. I believe joy is always on the other side of […]

Be Fearlessly You

This invitation comes from a book I’m reading called, “Dying To Be Me: My Journey From Cancer, To Near Death, To True Healing”. It’s about a woman who has a “near death experience” after fighting cancer for a few years, and her miraculous, life-changing breakthrough—from a life of fear and disease to love and well-being. […]

The Adolescent In Us

A previous post was about seeing the inner child in others—this one’s about honouring the adolescent in us. As my summer of teaching scuba at a boys camp quickly approaches, I’ve been doing research on how best to motivate and teach adolescents (apparently it’s not quite like teaching adults). For example, I discovered they generally […]

The Child In Us

I was standing on a busy street corner in Vancouver, BC the other day. And as I watched the traffic go by, I remembered a flash of insight I had a while ago about seeing the child in the people around me. So I tried it again. I imagined all the drivers as they might […]

Running Towards A Dream

I’m going to camp for the summer! ‘Course, I’m going as a scuba instructor, not a camper…but still! Camp is camp, and it’ll be an adventure for sure! I’ve been thinking about what this adventure might be like—and how going to camp as an adult is different than going as a youngster. And it reminds […]

It’s A Done Deal

That’s how Danielle Laporte does visualization. She imagines that whatever she wants is already a done deal. What’s so awesome about this approach is that this immediately brings good feelings like joy, freedom, peace, etc… And this totally fits the “think. be. do. have.” paradigm. By choosing to create a mental picture of whatever it […]

Do You Love Me?

I had a rough time this morning during my meditation. In fact, it took a while for me to even get to a place where I could… I was in my usual spot at the water’s edge, the morning sun shining off the sea, the waves rolling in, the mountains in the distance looking as […]

Swimming In The Waves

Yesterday, as I was swimming to the lighthouse (my workout of choice), there was about 20 minutes where I felt like I was swimming in a washing machine. Out past the eastern point of the bay, the wind was kicking up some good sized waves. And let me tell you, it really takes something to […]

Work Those Joy Muscles

Did you know you have to be “in shape” to be able to experience deep and sustained joy? (And for those of you who make a distinction between happiness and joy, here’s what J. D. Salinger said: “The fact is always obvious much too late, but the most singular difference between happiness and joy is […]

Us & Them

With all the breakdowns going on in our world today—financial, environmental, social, political—it’s real easy for us to fall into an “us and them” mindset (the perp’s and the victims). Actually, scratch that. We’re already IN that mindset. And that—I think—is a big part of the problem. We point to the rich and powerful—and the […]